New updates for Order Sender

Order Sender has never stopped evolving.

Thanks to precious feedback and suggestions coming from companies and sales reps, our team can work constantly on implementing many useful updates.

The latest update is a significant improvement: it will make the app even more effective and reduce the possibility of errors.

Here are some novelties of Order Sender Business introduced in February 2017:

  • Order’s PDF preview

It’s easy to make errors while collecting orders from customers. Order Sender’s aim is to help you avoiding them. That’s why we have implemented a new feature, required by many customers: a preview of the order’s PDF. Now you will be able to see the PDF file as it would arrive to customer or supplier. The advantage of this new function is that it will allow you to thoroughly check and correct any error before forwarding the proposal.

  • Multiple email addresses

Knowing that there may be a need to send the order to many email addresses, we have implemented a function which allows you to enter multiple email addresses of customers, offices and suppliers. Now you only have to decide to how many email addresses the order has to be sent, without having any number limit.

  • Website field

A new importable and synchronizable field has been added in customer and supplier data form: here you can state a website of your customer or supplier.

  • New customers/sales reps association functions

It is possible now, during import, to associate more than one sales rep to the same customer or supplier. By assigning a unique code to each sales rep, you can associate a customer or a supplier to one or several sales reps during import. This is an important novelty: the multi-agent association was already possible with the previous version of Order Sender, but it had to be done manually. Otherwise it was possible to specify only one sales rep during the import from Excel, while additional sales reps had to be added manually from back office management.

  • 3 new currencies

From now on, Order Sender Business supports 3 new currencies in the phase of order taking: Algerian Dinar, Tunisian Dinar and Moroccan Dinar.

  • Bug Fix

 Order Sender: innovation that never stops

Updates of Order Sender will not end here: we will continue to listen and follow your suggestions, improving our platform with new features. Our goal is to make it more effective through the development of more advanced and innovative modules.

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