How to make the sales network efficient: Banfi case study

How to make the sales network efficient: Banfi case study

Banfi is a Tuscan wine company: in 1978 it gave life to an important project that combines traditional, very high quality wine production with an innovative cellar, with the dream of exporting Brunello di Montalcino to the world.

Banfi has chosen our Sales Force Automation OS Enterprise software for the management of its Sales Network. Discover this Order Sender success story.

Banfi Sales Network Needs

Banfi presented the Cosmobile Software House with multiple challenges related to its business needs:

  • Manage its sales network in a centralized and more effective manner: 200 sales agents distributed throughout the Italian territory
  • Speed ​​up the operations of Banfi sales representatives
  • Automate and optimize mobile order collection
  • Improve order fulfillment time
  • Reduce errors
  • Manage price lists and personalized offers (CANVASS)
  • Improve company-agent communication
  • Show your products, over 300, in digital catalogs
  • Eliminate the costs of printing and distributing catalogues
  • Streamline and optimize all company procedures

Before the adoption of Order Sender Enterprise, for example, the average time to process a standard order was 25 minutes; The average order processing time is 3.4 days; the main means of contact with the Sales Force were telephone calls, checks, continuous requests; during the busiest periods, it was even necessary to hire staff.

Sales Force Automation Order Sender software for Banfi

Starting from March 2022, the Software House Cosmobile responded to the needs of the Banfi winery with the Sales Force Automation Order Sender Software. For over 14 years, the no. 1 mobile order collection and management solution in Italy, with over 100 dedicated modules.

Cosmobile designed the Order Sender Software based on Banfi’s needs, to obtain the automatic acquisition of orders from Tablets, the fast, simplified and optimized management of all activities related to the sales force, the digital product catalog with advanced management (Paginae), the configuration of personalized offers (Canvass).

Among the critical issues faced during the project: the development of a very structured connector with JDEdwars Oracle ERP, the management of extremely complex promotional Canvass, the design of an advanced and personalized Business Intelligence system, Prospect Management.

How to make the sales network efficient: Banfi case study

Order Sender results for Banfi

Thanks to the Sales Force Automation Order Sender Software, Banfi has achieved:

  • 5 minutes VS 25 minutes to process a standard order
  • 1.87 days of order processing VS 3.4 days
  • Certain and reliable data
  • CANVASS management
  • Better company-agent communication in real time, from the App
  • Better productivity of the sales network
    2021: 800 manual monthly orders
    2022-2023: 1400 monthly orders with Order Sender +75%
  • Greater effectiveness of all internal business processes
    2023: orders processed with Order Sender represent 88% of Banfi’s total turnover
  • Savings in catalog printing and distribution costs
  • Possibility to show your products on digital and interactive catalogues

“The development of an order taking platform such as Order Sender – states Michele Banfi, Banfi Supply Chain Manager – has allowed us to restructure the active cycle processes by automating and digitizing where possible and convenient. The good quality of the sales order data kicked off a series of evolutionary changes that have given us notable results and convinced management to invest further in technology to innovate our processes.”

What awaits us in the future?

In fact, the Order Sender-Banfi project does not stop here, among the evolutionary ones we have the development dedicated to the foreign commercial network, an evolved B2B E-commerce (Order Factory), a tool dedicated to some customers for the autonomous management of orders, Ecomemrce B2B App for Smartphones and Tablets (Retail OS), Integration with new services (management of new forms of payment), integration with commissions and sales targets, integration with CRM for customer-targeted promotions, proposal of specific products depending on the customer cluster.

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