Customize the order form

Customize the order form. This is the great news for Order Sender that continues – also thanks to your feedback and suggestions – to grow and improve.

From today, change the pdf model of the order form: you will have new customizable modules available (7 in all). Unpublished models – six of those added, in addition to the current one – for your copy commission and estimates, fully customizable.

What can you customise?

You can customise the entire order form layout. There are six pdf templates inserted in which you will have many options like choosing the company’s logo or the colour (light blue, green, red and black). Also your favourite font and the pdf basic structure, that is, the data arrangement (supplier, customer, agent, logo, shipping address).

How can the changes be activated?

To customise the PDF template, you must log in with your credentials as Administrator, to the web portal on Enter the Settings – Preferences section. Under “PDF preferences” you can choose the elements that best suit your company’s needs. You can choose, in fact, the pdf basic structure (data arrangement), the font used and the colour.

Then we recall the other options (related to the pdf customisation) that were already present: the customizable wording of sales conditions;

the possibilities of inserting your company logo and making the customer code appear in the customer’s data.

From today you can choose the model you prefer according to your needs and those of your company.

Order Sender: innovation never stops

The news, now you know, with our Software never end.Keep on giving us tips and suggestions to make our sales management solution even better.

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