Canvass Configurator

Canvass Configurator

Configure and manage canvass and offers.
The Canvass Configurator is software that allows you to configure and manage canvases, offers, promotions, discounts, calculations, promotional periods, even with complex combinations of prices/products. It improves the efficiency of the sales network and responds to all customer needs. A winning tool for the commercial strategy.

Corporate ERP integration

With the development of our OS Enterprise order collection solution and the B2B portal, we have always interacted with the systems on the market adopted by companies. The corporate management system (ERP) is the heart of the corporate information system for almost all companies and, depending on the size of the product/project, it has very widespread functions in data management, up to and including specific skills that can be very vertical in individual areas.

Basically, however, the corporate ERP is the administrative and product management system called upon to manage customers, products and price lists, which can also be very complex. Over time we have learned to communicate with all the information systems on the market through the System Integrators who offer them.

With our Sales Force Automation OS Enterprise solution, the sales force is called upon to present and commercially propose the company’s offer. These offers are certainly dictated by the conditions and price lists reserved by the agents, but there is an increasingly greater need to approach the market with aggressive and interesting proposals for one’s customers.

What are Canvasses?

In technical jargon, CANVASS are associations of products, offers, prices, conditions and promotion periods which are the prerogative of the commercial management and which, for management software (most of them), are a very difficult matter to manage.

Canvass Order Sender Configurator

After years of experience, we are certain that Canvass can be managed by a Canvass Configurator that allows you to enter conditions, calculations, prices, combinations and periods of Campaigns, offers and promotions.

The Cavass Order Sender Configurator allows the technician, or company interlocutor, to manage Canvass for everyone and “for all tastes” with simple steps.

Manage your Canvasses

The Canvass Configurator allows, with a web application, to intervene on the dynamics of price list management, in particular on promotions, with a very simple visual intervention (seeing is believing).

This tool improves the efficiency of the sales network. It allows you to manage and configure canvasses and offers, even with particular price/product combinations, so as to respond to all customer needs: an indispensable tool for the commercial strategy.

Already adopted by around ten far-sighted companies, who have placed their trust in us, the Canvass Configurator overcomes most of the critical issues of highly performing structures (ERP), but not very dynamic, and very expensive from a development point of view.

The Canvass Order Sender Configurator was designed for basic computer operators and does not require writing any lines of code. The online interface is very intuitive and allows simple and dynamic use, offering complexity and “fantasies” not achievable with other systems.