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Canvass Configurator

Canvass Configurator

Configure and manage canvass and offers.

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Canvass: what are they?

Canvasses are valuable commercial policy tools useful for sales. They are offers and promotions with related complex and dynamic sales strategies. They concern basic price lists and discounts, personalized price lists for customers, quantity discounts, promotions.

The Canvass Configurator is software that allows you to configure and manage canvases, offers, promotions, discounts, calculations, promotional periods, even with complex combinations of prices/products. It improves the efficiency of the sales network and responds to all customer needs: a winning tool for the commercial strategy.

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How does it work?

The Canvass Configurator allows, with a web application, to intervene on the dynamics of price list management, in particular on promotions. Based on the options selected, the Configurator makes the phase of collecting the variants requested by the customer more efficient, eliminating the risk of making errors. A very efficient and simple to use control panel, even for those without computer skills.

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The guided configuration allows agents, resellers, partners to customize dedicated offers, according to customer requests. Even if the product, machinery or its variants are complex.

This tool responds to the needs of the sales network which requires an agile and professional tool for the creation of customized canvass. Improves sellers’ productivity: always updated products and price lists, automation and centralization of all sales proposals, standardization of the way in which offers are proposed and speed with total information sharing.

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Canvass Order Sender Configurator

The Canvass Configurator is integrated into our Sales Force Automation OS Enterprise Software.

A guided configuration tool for the commercial network that simplifies the sales process and order collection.