Working in extreme conditions

Today we want to illustrate how Order Sender can actually help you in “extreme conditions”:

1. If you loose the tablet device you work with.

2. If you are in a place with no connectivity.

If you still don’t know anything about Order Sender, what we can tell you is that it’s a specially-developed software for sales agents which simplifies the process of collecting orders and quotes, to be done directly from your tablet, making your life simpler and your work more efficient.

In the last few years, we have renewed our product, having regard of users’ feedbacks and sellers’ ideas and also criticisms, which push us to always do our best.

What happens to your orders if your tablet get stolen or you loose it?

Let’s go back to the “extreme” situations that anyone can experience sooner or later. Your tablet get stolen or you loose it, without any possibility to find it again.. Nowadays, we know that loosing our mobile devices, such as smartphone or tablet, can be a real tragedy for anyone of us:all of our office is in there! Losing data and orders can turn into a real nightmare for a sales agents!

Order Sender Business allows you to always save your important data, thanks to the automatic backup system, which saves continuously in cloud data and orders which are in your mobile device. So, even if you loose your tablet, or it get stolen, you will always be able to retrieve everything: information about customer’s personal details, suppliers and products. You will never loose what you achieved through your hard work!

Order Sender Business stores your data forever!

If you purchase the OS Business package, you will have a web interface connected to the app in your tablet, allowing you to save your data in backup. If you replace your tablet or it get stolen, the only thing you will have to do is to install the Order Sender app on your new tablet, insert your Business and by “magic” everything will come back in its place: all data will be available as nothing happened!

You can’t work without connectivity?

Another more rare but still terrifying “extreme” condition for people who work with connectivity is to loose connection while visiting the customer or to find themselves in a place without any kind of internet coverage. What can be done then?

Order Sender Business helps you in this situation by allowing you to work without connectivity, by integrating with the Order Sender Pro app, it provides you with a double synchronized platform, allowing you to work directly online or offline through your Order Sender Pro app. Your orders will be sent as soon as you will have connectivity again, but you will be able to perform any other action without problems. It’s easy, isn’t it?

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