Sales force automation: 6 key points

Sales force automation has become a fundamental part of marketing plans of companies around the world, but also in Italy!

It’s a challenge that more and more companies want to face, in order to optimize internal and external business processes and make them more efficient and productive by adopting advanced technological solutions.

Here we want to summarize in 6 key points, the features that can really make a difference in adoption of the SFA by the company for the management of its sales force.

1. Mobile: an obliged choice

Nowadays there are no person, agent, manager or customer who doesn’t have a smartphone or a tablet at hand. Mobile devices are becoming increasingly necessary sales tools: that’s why having a catalog than can be consulted from any device is of great importance. Sales agents need to have always updated information and catalogs.

2. Catalog: an emotional issue

Having a possibility to show an emotional and interactive catalog to your customers can make a huge difference. A SFA solution can transform agent’s tablet in an effective marketing tool: useful, immediate and very involving for your customer.

3. Work everywhere, even without internet

It can happen that a sales agent is in a place with no access to internet, a fact which may cause him some problems. A valid sales tool will never leave you in trouble! Our Order Sender solution is able to function even without connectivity, allowing you to browse your catalog, showing it to your customers, without the need to call the company in order to have updates and information. Often being quick in sales is an advantage and can really help you to close the deal.

4. The monitoring by the company helps the agent’s autonomy

It may happen that agents can perceive negatively the monitoring of their activity by the company but, thanks to Sales Force Automation, they feel more motivated to improve their performance in order to reach new goals. In fact, tha autonomy of sales agents is not harmed by the monitoring process. It will only improve it thanks to the continuous communication with the company, which will be able to provide its agents with updated information, promotions…The involvement of agents in sales strategies is a great motivation and incentive to improve their own activity!

5. Simplicity: a feature to not underestimate

We add also that simplicity and immediacy in the usage of technological tools make the sales process even more efficient, stimulating both the productivity and the curiousity of the customer. Through a clean and intuitive interface, the sellers can have a better orientation, optimizing their work.

6. Have a suit tailored makes you unique

Solutions for sales force management have to be tailor made, that is to say, to be made taking into account real needs of the company. Only people who work know exactly internal dynamics of their environment, several internal problems related to the field, customers, rules for the sales. A customized tool can allow you to have an added value and to integrated it perfectly with your internal tools that you already use, such as company ERP.

Order Sender has all of the 6 features listed above and if you want to try a Demo for Sales Force Management, contact us here under or through the contact form. We will help you to optimize your sales process and to manage relationships with your customers in a more efficient way.