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Create orders in a few simple steps.

Fill in the order form on tablet, by adding the products directly from the digital catalog and managing more advanced features, such as prices and discounts. Afterwards, you can send a copy of the order in pdf format to the supplier or customer.

Intuitive, simple and modern

A careful study of the interface, developed together with professionals of the field, has led to the implementation of a solution that can be used immediately without affecting the usual order taking methods of sales reps.

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Digital catalog

Rich in media content and of immediate use, the product catalog in digital format provides sales reps with all the information concerning the company's product offer. High resolution images help optimize the graphical presentation of the product, while the search speed makes the sales process easier and more involving for the customer. From technical details of each item to stock availability, the data made available are always up-to-date and just one click away, allowing the sales reps to be high-performing in front of the customer.

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CRM (Manage your customers)

Managing effectively relationships with your customers is now made easier by the CRM module, dedicated to the collection and processing of customers data. The optimized management of customer profiles is essential for those companies who promote relationship with its customers from a completely customer-oriented perspective. Thanks to the information always at hand, the sales reps will be able to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction, which in turn will have a positive impact on the company's turnover.

Business Travels (Plan your visits)

Visits to the customers are an essential part of the sales process. An effective visits planning is now made possible by the module that can manage appointments, locate the customers on the interactive map and get directions to the venue of the meeting. Its outcome can be recorded by sales agents with a special report form, to be filled in at the end of the visit.

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The trend of sales and turnover can be followed from the section dedicated to statistics, essential for Business Intelligence operations and monitoring of objectives.

Document management

To provide greater support in the sales process, the company can make available documents in digital format to its field sales force. Thanks to the special section dedicated to document management, presentations, flyers or product data sheets can be consulted by field sales force directly on their tablets.

...and beyond

Characterized by an optimized data import and synchronization procedure, Order Sender is also able to ensure the data confidentiality through the use of secure protocols during the Server/App connection. It is an essential tool for activities related to Business Intelligence because of the availability of statistics, as well as an effective real-time means of communication, thanks to the push notifications integration.

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Errors while filling in
Wasted paper
Time wasted on the phone


Integrable with the company ERP

We are able to integrate the solution with any ERP system. We have worked with any type of system, including the most popular ones, such as SAP, AS400, Teamsystem, Zucchetti, Micorosoft Dynamics/Navision, Oracle, Easydata, Sistemi and proprietary solutions.

All in cloud

We know that the data contained in the Order Sender app are more important than the software itself. We have therefore devised an automatic backup that saves all data stored on the device in cloud. In case of loss or replacement of the tablet, all data will return available as if nothing had happened.

It works offline

The ability to take orders with no connectivity is an added value of Order Sender, making it an efficient solution that can be used anywhere. Since the data resides on tablet, the access to the content is immediate.


Order Sender is a highly customizable platform through extensions and adaptations, developed to meet specific needs of the customers.

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Languages and platforms

iOS, Android and Web

Order Sender is developed for Apple iOS and Google Android. It can be downloaded from the iTunes Store and Google Play Store. There is also a web version that can be used from any modern browser.

Supported languages

Order Sender already speaks Italian, English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian and Polish, but it's only the beginning!