Easy, powerful and efficient

Your business sales force can integrate the CRM sales management on tablet, allowing agents to dispose of all the information on products, price lists and customers directly updated by the company ERP.

It drastically cuts down sales force management costs

Having a tool integrated with the company information system allows sales managers to consistently cut down the costs concerning typing mistakes. It also cuts down costs regarding communication among various responsible figures who will then have a unique reference point, available even in the absence of connectivity.

Mature for every need

The agents software Order Sender has over 5 years of development. Our experience has enhanced us to consolidate the infrastructure and to develop suitable solutions for different needs, integrating them with company management systems.
In the past years, our staff has concentrated its efforts to make our packet reliable, but at the same time flexible for various product sectors and sales methods.
Today, Order Sender is a powerful and modular tool ready to satisfy the specific need of your company.

Simplicity, advanced features.

  • Intuitive and user-friendly

    We started from a basic approach to traditional copy Commission forms and in few steps we made our software intuitive and user-friendly.

  • Works offline

    Order Sender allows you to prepare orders even when no connectivity is available, an important feature that makes Order Sender extremely efficient. All the data are saved within the tablet in order for you to use them instantly.

  • Import data from external files

    You will be able to import external files even in the standard version of Order Sender thus expanding your clients, suppliers and products databases in few easy steps.

  • Powerful

    More than 5 years of development on a continuously evolving operating system allowed us to develop algorithms more and more efficient that can process synchronizations of more than 500000 records in just 3 minutes.

  • Available for Apple iOS and Android

    Order Sender was developed for Apple iOS, Android and Android for Blackberry and is available in its standard version in the most popular stores: iTunes, Google play, Amazon, Blackberry.

  • Modular

    The Enterprise version of Order Sender is a platform that adapts to the activities of the client and that feature modules for the management of different product sectors as well as different methods of sale with extensions and adjustments developed ad-hoc.

  • No errors

    Order Sender will eliminate the orders’ related errors as the data provided by the companies can only be slightly modified. No typos, no errors on products’ interpretation.

  • Integrated with ERP systems.

    Our platform integrates with any other operating system your company may use and will allow you to provide your sale network with an actual CRM related to sales with data that will simplify the management of the clients and of the orders. An operating system for an advanced sales force automation.

  • Brings down your costs for orders’ management.

    Order Sender will bring down your costs for orders’ management by giving you the possibility to provide your sales network with confidential information and to interact with the information pertaining to databases, orders and client’s administration.

Order Sender



A complete solution of sales force management customizable to your company needs

  • Integrated to the company ERP
  • Management of complex price lists
  • Advanced custom modules
  • Product catalog
  • Planning business travels

Order Sender


starting from € 60,00 / year

The evolution that offers more performance to our product

  • The evolution of Order Sender Pro
  • Backup online
  • Access your data online
  • For agents, companies and sales networks
  • 7 modules more than the Pro version

Order Sender


€ 4,99 / year

The most simple and efficient app for the management of your Commission copies

  • Easy
  • Intuitive
  • Powerful
  • Efficient
  • Works offline
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