Reach your sales goals in 6 steps

The new year has just begun and with it our new goals, which are essential in order to evaluate the results achieved. For this reason, before starting our sales, we should take some time to understand what we really want to achieve in 2017.

To do this, however, we must not confine ourselves to plan more or less generic facts. We have to set specific and measurable sales goals, which would guide us throughout the year.

Here are our 6 practical tips on how to set truly attainable goals:

1. Watch your back

What did you manage to obtain in 2016? How much did you sell per month? Make an excel spreadsheet with all the sales data, even the sales that you lost, to have a complete picture and make a critical examination of all the aspects that you should improve. If you already have Order Sender, check the monthly sales statistics of the past year for each supplier or individual customer.

2. What are your goals in 2017?

As we were saying, we must try not to be generic. We cannot enforce targets as “increase the number of customers” or “sell more”. You have to set “real” goals such as: “increase sales of 10,000 euros” or “acquire 10 new customers” etc. Starting from results of the previous year, you can increase them in a realistic, but challenging way!

3. How can you achieve your sales goals?

What kind of strategies do you plan to implement to find new customers? Which negotiations are open right now and how you can they generate more sales? Plan a strategy over time, with defined deadlines and objectives, which will help you achieving step by step your macro-objectives.

4. Create reminders on different activities

Enter into your calendar alerts on specific activities, such as contacting or visiting a customer in the middle of the next month. Use our Business Travels module, which will help you in scheduling your appointments Read more here.

5. Measure the results

If you want the 2017 to be really different, then you have to stay always motivated by accepting defeats or problems and working consistently. Always measure the results! With Order Sender you can compare the data of monthly turnover of the current year (and the previous one) or best selling products from your customers or suppliers. Preview changes. 

6. Let Order Sender help you!

We know how important it is to keep an eye on the goals and sales data, as well as having available the information related to your customers, including business updates, discounts etc. Rely on our platform and you’ll see the difference!