Order Sender: the digital parachute

If one day we wake up and all of our digital data, “puff”, were gone? Contacts, phone numbers, photos, notes, addresses. Moreover, if, worse yet, we were a sales agent and those data represented our work?

“And now how do I do it?”

It is a (desperate) question that with Order Sender – the network sales management software – you will never ask yourself, because Order Sender puts all your data on your device in safety through continuous Cloud backup.

Automatic Cloud Backup

If I lose my Tablet? Moreover, if somebody steals it from me? Even in these cases, sleep quietly: Order Sender offers an automatic backup which allows you – also if the tablet went missing or stolen – to safely recover all that contained therein.

Contacts, personal data, phone numbers, data, information, preferences: the sales agent job revolves around these points, indispensable for carrying out its business. It is therefore essential to protect this asset. From customer data to visits made, from sold items to unsolved, the one offered by Order Sender is a 100% secure method that allows you to preserve all the work with an automatic backup that saves in Cloud all Tablet contents.

Backup is a kind of digital parachute: in case of problems, loss or damage, it opens, and all data are saved.

Breakups, thefts, viruses, the only way to be safe is prevention. Usually, people give little value to their data until these go lost, then turning back is impossible.

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