Order Sender Pro says goodbye. Order Sender Business on 50%

On September 30, 2017, Order Sender Pro will be removed from stores and will not be longer downloadable or purchasable. Next year, on September 30, 2018, the App will stop working. Calm, no panic.

It is a closure that will only bring great benefits.

Who is already using Order Sender Pro can continue to do it – for free – still for a year, until September 30, 2018.

Not only that, you can switch to Order Sender Business with a 50% discount. Six months of annual subscription is our gift! In the next few days, You will receive all the instructions within the APP messages.

Are you an Order Sender Pro user?

For all existing Order Sender Pro users, the proper functioning of the App will still be guaranteed, for free, for yet a year, until September 30, 2018.

Moreover, a super promotion reserved only for You: who will switch to Order Sender Business, will have the opportunity to purchase the license with six free months and the annual subscription at a halved cost.

Once removed from the stores, the App will remain visible (for a year) for those who already own it, even if you change Tablet  (as long as you go from iPad to iPad or Android to Android). Not only that, as already mentioned, the App will continue to work correctly, free, until September 30, 2018.

Switch to Order Sender Business: 6 Months Free Subscription

Whosoever decides to change from OS Pro to Order Sender Business and to take advantage of all its benefits, may pay the App half the price: six months of annual subscription are free! Additionally, there is a one-year time to do so, until September 30, 2018. Switching to Order Sender Business will not make you lose anything, in fact, it will earn you a 50% discount, and you will have a year to pass. How to get the six months free?

What are Order Sender Business benefits?

– You will never lose your data thanks to the backup, and you can recover them at any time;

– Order Sender Business has a dedicated and continually updated App;

– You can view and use many additional add-ons, valuable aids in network sales management: quotes, documents, statistics, catalogues, tours, advanced lists and so on;

– You have a back office platform that replicates all the features of the Tablet, also for desktop use.

How to pass data from OS Pro to Order Sender Business?

It is easy, follow all the steps in our tutorial.

For those who are just trying Order Sender Pro?

Who is in the Order Sender Pro free trial phase and has not yet purchased it, can fill as many as 20 test orders but will not be able to buy the app, that will disappear from the stores and will no longer be downloadable or purchasable.

We invite you to try free Order Sender Business.

Switch from Order Sender Pro to Order Sender Business: You have a year to do it and a six months free subscription. If you have any doubt or difficulty, write us to info@ordersender.com