Order Sender: News January 2018

Order Sender starts 2018 by developing new features and optimizations making even more efficient and total, the solution for your commercial network managing.

New features

– Archived Orders:
Thanks to this newness, from the Web Area (i.e., from Order Sender’s back office ), it will be possible to record orders moving them in a separate folder from the main one. In this way, during the first synchronization on a new device, the data amount to download will be smaller, and therefore the whole process speeds up;

– Minimum sale amount:
It will be possible to specify, for each product, the minimum sale amount, thanks to which the agent receives a notification if he is selling an article with a too low price. So if he then applies discounts or inserts lower net prices, compared to its minimum sale amount, a notification will appear (a warning pop-up) removing errors and forbidding product sell with a too low cost.


– Customer Manager:
The “Customer Responsible” area in the PDF order;

– Payment terms:
While filling in an order, when the agent saves or updates customer data, he can choose whether to include payment terms.

Improve your sales network effectiveness

Order Sender is a Sales Force Automation App, simple to use, speedy and intuitive. It saves you time and money by automating the sales process, reducing error probability by 90%.

It also works offline, and all your data is always safe with automatic backup on Cloud.