Order Sender becomes the digital catalog for sales

Order Sender (the latest version of which has just been published) never ceases to grow and evolve itself, taking into account the needs of agents and companies, who have helped us, with their continuous feedback over the years, to make the platform more and more efficient and closer to the real needs of those people who daily work in sales.

From now on, Order Sender becomes a real digital catalog for sales, a more effective tool which helps you to achieve your own business goals.

More than a digital catalog

We all know that presenting products to the customer is one of the most delicate and decisive aspects of the sales process. That’s why we thought that providing agents with a digital catalog could really make them more performant and effective. Nowadays, technology has eliminated the greatest part of paper we use, making everything easier even for sellers, who can now show products to customers in a more interactive way, directly from their tablets.

More involving and effective products presentations

With the new Order Sender it is possible to integrate product data sheet with multimedia content and thus give the presentation an even more powerful visual impact, making it more involving and creating dynamic interactions with customers. Moreover, the digital product catalog provides the sales force with up-to-date information available at any time (even without connectivity). The Order Sender product catalog is navigable and displays a very simple and easily accessible data sheet for each item. It also enables the user to create orders and quotes directly from the selected product and consult the related statistics.

Why choose a digital catalog on tablet?

  1. It dramatically reduces the catalog publishing and planning time, allowing to insert promotions about products at the last minute
  2. It creates a direct communication between the customer and the company
  3. the information is communicated and disseminated quickly and capillary from the head office to the entire field sales force

Order Sender: innovation never stops

The innovation of Order Sender will not end here: soon it will be enhanced with new features, based on the suggestions of our customers, with the goal to continue to enrich the platform and make it more effective, thanks to the development of more advanced and innovative modules.

If you want to leave your feedback below, we are looking forward to reading your comments!

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