New updates: now more powerful and versatile

Order Sender is constantly evolving: here are the latest updates of the app that will improve significantly its use, allowing the user to take full advantage of the platform’s strengths and make it even more powerful and versatile in all its features. We were able to improve our solution step by step thanks to the reports and suggestions from sales reps and companies who use our software.

Let’s see what are the new features of Order Sender.

  • Discounts associated with the products

The discounts have been enhanced thanks to the fields inserted in the data sheet of the product (default discount1, default discount2, default dicount3), that can be imported and synchronized. These new fields within the data sheet already associate discounts to various products. This particular feature will save the user a lot of time, since they will be able to bind the discount directly to the products, instead of creating new discounts for every customer.

  • Visits planning based on frequency

New option to schedule the next appointment based on frequency of visits, following appointment’s survey completion. Once you have filled in the survey related to the appointment, you are asked to schedule a new appointment with the same frequency, so as to optimize appointments scheduling.

  • Optimized payment method

Payment method is related to the customer and can be imported and synchronized. A new field, “Payment Method”, has been added to the product data sheet, allowing the user to choose the payment method for a given customer. When choosing the customer while filling in the order, the field will be auto-completed, without any need to write it again every time.

  • Transportation costs included in the order

The shipping cost and its VAT are managed. This cost will be added to the total amount, but excluded from the calculation of statistics.

  • Faster search

The date of delivery is also inserted in the list of orders and quotes for a quicker search.

  • Renewed Homepage

– The company logo can be displayed on the homepage of the application.
– Added “Return to Home” button
– Renewed graphical interface of the Homepage.

  • The calculation of merchandise discount and free sample has been corrected

A product with discount merchandise pays the excise and the VAT on excise duty; no payment is required for free sample.

  • Minor bug fix

How to update Order Sender

In order to activate the new updates, you must update the app from the store (iOS or Android).

It is important to remember that Order Sender is the new app dedicated solely to customers who are already using our Business solution. The app has a new logo icon with a yellow background. Since it has been released not as an upgrade, but as a different app, it is to be found in the store as a new app. Users who are not subscribed to Business version can continue using our “OS Pro” app (logo icon with white background).