#Howdoesitwork: Login Problems?

“Inactive code”, “This account is already associated with another device”. What to do when the system notices these Login issues, and we cannot sign in to Order Sender?

It can happen when you log in to a new Tablet, or when the Tablet has been (maybe for failure) reset. You try entering your credentials, but the system tells you “Inactive code” or “This account is already associated with another device” or “Remove the device before saving?

Login issues, what to do?

No fear, the procedure to unlock the situation is simple and needs a few steps:

– Log in as Administrator from the page: business.odersender.com;

Go to the Management> Agents section;

Enter Edit Mode on your Agent (double-click on the line or click on the green pencil icon);

– Select Remove Device> Save.

Now you can try to log in from the App entering your credentials and proceeding to synchronization.

For any problem, we are always ready to help you, write to info@ordersender.com

We also look forward to your feedback and suggestions to make our Sales Network Management Software even more efficacious.

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