#HowDoesItWork: Go to Order Sender Business

Do you still use Order Sender Pro? It’s time to choose Order Sender Business.

Why switch from Order Sender to Order Sender Business?

Do it, because there are enormous benefits. Thanks to Business version:

– You will never lose your data, backup‘s merit. Yes, even if you lose your Tablet, you broke it, or it’s stolen, your data will always be safe, and you will always be able to recover them, whenever you want;

– Order Sender has a dedicated and always updated App;

– You can see and use many additional forms, sales network management valid support: estimates, catalog, visit tours, advanced lists etc.;

– You have an available back office platform, that replicates all Tablet functionalities to use also on the desktop side.

Haven’t you yet switched to Order Sender Business?

It’s easy! Follow all our tutorial steps!

If you have any doubts, suggestions or proposals, write to us.

Your feedback is basic for us to improve our sales network management software further.