How to sell in a more effective way

Nowadays sales reps (any product they sell) are dealing more and more with unsuccessful sales, postponed appointments, etc. They are experiencing a great difficulty in completing the sales process itself. Customers themselves are evolving, becoming more demanding, more indifferent to advertising and wary of products.

Certainly, the market is undergoing an important change: not only the crisis has gripped almost all sectors, but also the customers themselves are changing. That’s why the seller should be able to adapt his own way of selling the products/services to the needs of the customers. To achieve this goal, tools of the past are no longer enough nowadays. It is necessary to interact differently with customers, knowing well above all their new behavioural dynamics and focus on solutions.

We decided to synthesize in 4 main points the aspects that are worth to be considered while managing your customers.

1. The customer already knows everything

Nowadays, in the digital age of mobile and smartphones, customers already know all of our products offer, since they already had the opportunity to compare their prices and features. For this reason, it is increasingly important to be able to offer them something different, to make them aware of benefits and meet (so know) their expectations.

2. The relationship is even more important

In an increasingly hectic and individualistic world, there is the growing need of customers to be listened to. It is therefore very important to give priority to relationship with customers, making our interest in them perceivable. This will help to increase the desire to communicate and interact.

3. Build Customer Loyalty

The customer himself is less and less loyal, because the offer is increasingly diversified, there are many companies that offer the same products and in addition there are no geographic barriers, thanks to the internet and e-commerce.

4. The consumer has become a prosumer

The customer is acquiring more and more power, he is well informed, technological and definitely less loyal. If he’s not satisfied about a product, he may use social network to share his criticisms with the community.

The customer: the true “Core Business” of a seller

In order to be competitive and sell nowadays, it is important to revolutionize your modus operandi and make use of new powerful tools that would support the selling process and help focusing more on the customer, the true core business of any seller!

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