Greetings Smartphone! iPhone X and Order Sender for mobile

Welcome to the new Apple smartphone: iPhone X.

Ten years after the first smartphone release, that completely changed our mobile habits, Apple gives us all a new cell phone, and we give you Order Sender on your smartphone.

Order Sender for Smartphones, coming soon…

The great news, by Cosmobile, is the sales network development complete solution for mobile phones, iOS and Android. Order Sender will be even more handy, always in your agents pocket.

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The Order Sender development for smartphones is work in progress, but the iPhone 8 is ready to be launched on the market to celebrate iPhone’s first decade.

iPhone X between news and encrypted messages

The appointment for the Apple House newcomer’s debut is on Tuesday, September 12th, 10 am (7 pm in Italy) at the Steve Jobs Theater, the new Apple Park campus in Cupertino.

Among the innovations that already revealed, a radical change of design and functions, starting from the front button’s abandonment. Drop design, with a glass stainless steel shell, 5.8 inch OLED screen, embedded in a curved borderless panel. The aesthetics are very modern, and the materials are precious, but still reminds to the first iPhone launched on 2007, thus leveraging Nostalgia Marketing.

That is not all, there will be a wireless charging system (see Apple Watch), and the Home button will disappear in favour of a Touch ID integration directly in the display, but the price will also ease: rumours over $ 1,000.

Fingerprint detection can occur either by optical reading or by using sound waves. Rumors also about True Tone (already seen on iPad Pro): a system that alters the display temperature according to the outside light, in the case of hot light even the screen colours will become warmer and vice versa.

Space for photos with a (probable) dual camera for rear-view optics, substantial improvements also for the front camera: Apple could introduce advanced features such as user recognition by creating a 3D mapping of his face (or the iris scanning even). 3GB of RAM and 32GB, 256GB and 512GB memory cuts.

iPhone8 will use Apple’s mobile OS new version, iOS11: this release showed in June during the WWDC, includes several new features, including new interactions for Siri, the new ARKIt framework for increased reality and, for the first time, a manager file.

The novelties, of course, continue, Apple is a specialist in always reserving surprises and hidden messages: see the official invitation for the phone showing with the historic red white and blue apple, a tribute to the United States or its new colours? In short, the summer is ending, but a digital communication winter awaits you with surprises. Stay tuned!

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