Free Order Sender APIs

From today, Order Sender gives you the APIs.
Thanks to the APIs, any compatible system can be integrated into your Business account.

Order Sender APIs are a real support for your company and developers:

– Easily connect Order Sender to other programs;

– Develop new features;

– Customize and improve your experience with Order Sender;

– Make your sales process more efficient.

Why choose APIs?

This communication interface enables you to export and import data related to orders, customer details, products, discounts, suppliers and customized price lists, with your corporate’s management system. Exportable in both CSV and JSON format. Your company can integrate with Order Sender, find all the data generated by the Software and exploit all its advantages.

How to use the APIs?

Consult our guidebook: To use them you must generate a token: enter your reserved Order Sender web area and, from the Settings menu, click on the “API Management” section.

Simplified integration

Your management system, or any other compatible external system, can be set up in such a way as to retrieve Order Sender’s generated data and vice versa, by simple web calls.

Create a flexible integration, tailored to your business.

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