Event Order Sender feat. Confcommercio Verona

Event Order Sender feat. Confcommercio Verona

Event Order Sender feat. Confcommercio Verona. Our mobile order collection software, protagonist at Confcommercio in Verona.

A special, free event dedicated to Sales Agents and Sales Networks. Showcasing all the advantages of our No. 1 Order Collection App in Italy Order Sender.

The event will be held at the Confcommercio in Verona: Monday 18 September 2023, from 18.30 to 20.

Event Order Sender feat. Confcommercio Verona
App for Order Sender Commercial Agents

Collect orders with an App.
Automate order taking, optimize your work and improve your sales with Order Sender.


  • Order Sender: Order collection app for Sales Agents
  • Automate the acquisition of orders from the Web, Smartphone and Tablet
  • Save time and costs
  • Reset errors, work offline
  • Manage multiple clients
  • Ease of use, even without technical skills
  • Optimize your sales and your work

Event Order Sender feat. Confcommercio Verona
Order Collection Software for Order Sender Agents

Do you still fill out orders by hand?
In over 10 years, Order Sender has revolutionized and automated order acquisition, improving the work of thousands of sales agents and sales networks.

A mobile sales tool that helps agents achieve greater results and optimize their business, revolutionizing order collection and solving multiple problems that salespeople have to face every day. The App works offline, is easy to use, eliminates compilation errors, saves time, costs and resources. It integrates with any ERP, data is always safe thanks to Cloud Backup. Available for Smartphone, Tablet (iOS and Android) and Web.

Come and discover all the potential of Order Sender: optimize your sales and your work: sell anywhere and in just a few clicks!

Can’t participate? Try Order Sender free for 15 days.