“Products” field

In the part dedicated to “Products” it is possible to insert products you uploaded previously (see Product Management) following the same principle used for Customers and Suppliers, that is to say following the path “Add product” and starting to write in the “Code” or “Description” field and selecting the desired product. You can then choose quantities, prices and possible discounts (for discounts setting see page …).

However, it is always possible to add a new item manually. In this case, the “Save details” button will appear, allowing you to save the item you inserted in the app’s database and to recall it during the next orders. If an already saved item is modified, you can update the information stored in the database by clicking on the “Update details” button.

The VAT field, available for every item, will be populated with default value, indicated in the Preferences section or in the details of the item. However, it is always possible to add a specific VAT value for each item. (see how to set the default VAT)

The Currency field, in order creation screen, is pre-populated with default value, specified in the Preferences section. It can be changed for the order in progress. The currency exchange rate is not handled. (see how to set the default currency)

The totals will be updated with the addition of new items.

The items will appear automatically when typing their code only if the supplier has been already inserted in the order.