Default VAT currency and percentage
From here you can specify the currency that will be set by default in the orders / estimates filled in on the tablet.
The VAT percentage specified in this field will be set automatically for all those products in which it is not specified in the master data.
The same settings can also be configured in the Reserved Area by logging in as Manager, from the Settings -> Preferences menu, with regard to orders / quotes filled in from that Area.

Numbering of orders and quotes (reserved for the Manager user)
The progressive numbers of the orders cannot be changed, but it is possible to restart the count from 1. The count restarts automatically every year.

PDF preferences (reserved for Manager user)
In the Reserved Area, by logging in as Manager, from the Settings -> Preferences menu, you can choose from 7 PDF order / quote templates, as well as the color and font.
Also from this section it is possible to specify the conditions of sale that will be reported in the document.
Next, we have the option to view or not the Customer Code in the PDF of the order and, once a choice has been set, decide whether to apply it also to orders filled in from the tablet.
Finally, it is possible to insert the company logo which, in addition to being shown in the PDF of the order, will appear on the screen of all the tablets associated with this account (the size must be 600px x 300px, in jpg format).

General Preferences (reserved for the Manager user)
Also in the Reserved Area it is possible to specify the currency and the default VAT for orders / quotes compiled from this Area.

The option: “gifts with compensation” allows you to choose whether or not to apply the compensation in the calculation of the VAT of the gifts (OS5.7 or higher required).
The taxable amount will be reversed on the invoice, while the total amount of VAT will remain to be paid for the customer.

In addition to these options, we find the possibility of specifying one or more email addresses to which copies of orders will be sent in CSV format.