Login denied, Account associated with another device

You have probably logged in with the same credentials on another device of the same type.
In fact, it is possible to access on tablets and smartphones at the same time.
Access your Reserved Area as Manager, from “Management”> “Agents” click on the symbol of mobile devices and consult all the devices associated with your account.
Inside you will find all the tablets and smartphones that have accessed and are now active.
To activate a device that was previously active, simply press the “restore” button (orange circular arrow icon) corresponding to the name of this device.
The latter will become active and replace the device of the same family (tablet or smartphone) that was active at that time.
If, on the other hand, you want to block a device (for example following a theft), you must use the “block” button (red prohibition icon).
In this case, the system, in addition to blocking our App, will delete all the data in the app installed on that device.