Import and Export of CSV or Excel files

By accessing the Reserved Area as a Manager, it is possible to import CSV files. This format is supported by the most popular spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice or LibreOffice. Click on the version you have to download the example file from which to start to create your database to import.

– Customers (Excel for Windows, Excel for Mac, OpenOffice)
– Products (Excel for Windows, Excel for Mac, OpenOffice)
– Discounts (Excel for Windows, Excel for Mac, OpenOffice)
– Custom Price Lists (Excel for Windows, Excel for Mac, OpenOffice)

These imports can also be made starting from an Excel file, by copying / pasting the data contained in this archive.
Once the data has been entered in the importer, it is necessary to indicate whether a header row is contained in the file (such as the one present in the example files) and if you intend to remove the data that are not present in the file, so as to delete the personal data not present in the file. most used.
In any case, the records in the archive will be updated with those being imported.
In the last step it is necessary to associate the columns in the CSV file with the fields that can be imported into the system. If there is no header row, such as the one in the example files, it will be possible to associate these fields using the drop-down menus in each row.
It is possible that the system does not automatically recognize the file structure and therefore it is necessary to specify which “Column delimiter” and which “String delimiter” are used in this document. Try to change and press “Update Preview” to verify that the system correctly recognizes the single data to be imported.

Data export always takes place in CSV format and, in addition to the data listed above as regards import, it is also possible to export the data relating to orders.