Discounts management

It enables the user to create, manage and delete discounts related to each customer, associated with supplier or products. Once in the menu, select the customer whom you want to apply the discount to and add the above-mentioned by clicking on the + button. A discount may be applied to the entire supplier’s list of products or to each product separately. In the first case, you can choose the supplier of the product you want to apply the discount to from the drop down menu in the input screen, without specifying a product. In the second case, after specifying the supplier’s list of products, you have to specify a product from the related drop-down menu. In the event where there are both discount on the entire supplier’s price list and a product’s discount, at the moment of order completion the discount related to the single item will be automatically entered (in the screen dedicated to order’s completion it is always possible to change the discount manually). Once the supplier and potentially the product have been stated, select the discount percentage. You can specify up to three discount percentages: the second percentage is a discount on the already discounted price by the first percentage and the third one is a discount applied to the already discounted price by the second percentage. If, for example, we associate to the product X a discount 1 of 10% and a discount 2 one of 5%, starting from a price of 100, the final discounted price will be 85.5. (the first discount reduces the price to 90 and if we apply to it the second discount, we reach the final price of 85.5).

The management of personal details is accessible from the side menu, by clicking on the icon at the top right of each screen.