Digital Product Catalogue for Commercial Agents

Digital Product Catalogue for Commercial Agents

Digitalisation has revolutionised the way commercial agents handle their business. The Order Sender Digital Product Cataloguethe order collection app for agents and sales networks – is an indispensable sales tool.

Order Sender Digital Product Catalogue

The use of the Order Sender Digital Product Catalogue offers numerous competitive advantages to sales agents. You can show products from mobile, from Smartphones and Tablets, wherever you are, even offline. The ability to access up-to-date and detailed product information, to present catalogues interactively and to personalise the customer experience. Agents thus improve their sales performance.

The digital product catalogue allows you to move away from outdated paper catalogues. Heavy, to be updated and distributed in an expensive and complicated way. With the digital catalogue, on the other hand, your products are always at your fingertips, to be displayed in a few clicks on Smartphones and Tablets. You can sell wherever you are, even without an Internet connection.

Easy to use

Order Sender provides an intuitive and easy-to-use digital catalogue, even if you have no technical skills. The platform is designed to be accessible on mobile devices, allowing agents to view and manage the product catalogue wherever they are. This makes salespeople’s work more efficient and streamlined, enabling them to present products to customers in a dynamic, simple and interactive way.

Always up-to-date

Another advantage of Order Sender’s Digital Product Catalogue is the ability to keep product information up-to-date in real time. This means that any changes in prices, product descriptions or availability can be immediately reflected in the catalogue. Sales agents no longer have to worry about using outdated catalogues or providing inaccurate information to customers, thus improving their reliability and sales capacity.

Effective presentations

Products are shown to their best advantage with full-screen, high-resolution images, photo galleries, extensive product descriptions and technical data sheets. The presentation of the catalogue is optimised, the speed of searching and immediate consultation of products makes the sales process more effective for agents and more engaging for customers.


Order Sender has always embraced sustainability by reducing paper usage to zero. It cuts time, printing, updating and distribution costs and reduces waste. The Agent App saves around 2 tonnes of paper per year.

Integration with ERP

The Order Sender catalogue integrates easily with existing business management systems (ERP), facilitating data synchronisation and reducing the risk of errors.

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