Digital catalog: innovation at hand

Having a catalog on tablet nowadays is of paramount importance to a salesperson.

The benefits are numerous and certainly having all your media on your device may be useful to make the product presentation and customer engagement more effective.

Order Sender: a powerful tool

When technology helps us deliver a truly engaging, smooth and optimized sales experience, we can benefit from it by focusing more on the customer and on listening to his needs. Order Sender is a real digital product catalog on tablet, as well as a valuable tool for collecting orders, which helps maximizing the performance of sales reps.

Maximize your results

New modules of Order Sender will change the way of selling and the very life of the sales reps: it will make the daily work much easier and therefore more enjoyable! The sales reps will feel more supported by the software in their every actions and task, thanks to technological innovation used. They will also have the ability to learn and always have at hand all the data concerning customers, information about their habits, preferences and characteristics, which will allow your sales team to perform to their full potential! Even business managers and sales management team will be more effective, thanks to web access to dashboards with information related to all aspects of the sales force management.

Always up-to-date information and presentations on your tablet

Order Sender is undisputed reference point in the field of sales software, mainly due to the its ease of use and its functional features.
The system gives you the ability to offer effective presentations of products to customers with the following benefits:

  1. digital catalogs on tablet always up-to-date
  2. emotional and interactive presentations
  3. fast entry of flyers and canvas
  4. ability to present products also off-line.

The sales force remains up to date, thanks to the continuous synchronization and communication with the company’s central system, which manages from a single point all data and information on tablets of sales reps.

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