Cut down the costs (not the trees!)

Cut down the costs (not the trees!)

How much paper do we use needlessly and waste every day? By adopting eco-friendly solutions on a daily basis means loving our Earth. Which will be celebrated on Sunday 22 April on occasion of the Earth Day.

Make your company green and make an eco-sustainable choice: eliminate the use of paper with Order Sender and save the environment.

Cut down the costs (not the trees!)

-90% wasted paper, fewer charges for the company

Order Sender is our complete sales network management solution. It also allows you not to waste paper: less than 90% of paper spent. Not only that: reducing the printed material, in support of digital documents, always at hand, it is also a drastic decrease in costs for the company.

Without the paper material encumbrance, the consultation procedure is higher available and more immediate. Accessible through your tablet, the digital list provides the sales agent with updated data, always near and still available (even without internet).

Digital catalogs for Green companies

Replacing the standard and obsolete paper catalog, with a browsable, dynamic and interactive digital directory, saves you time, money and supports to decrease the environmental impact by promoting a green concept of the company.

We are part of the Green Generation which aims to a future free from fossil fuels, in favor of renewable sources of the Green Economy. Now more than ever it is necessary paying attention to environmental issues, in an increasingly digital market and in a world where ecological sustainability determines more frequently consumers’ choices.

Take an eco-friendly choice

Save the environment bypassing needless loss and waste of paper (-90% of used paper); Make an eco-friendly decision; Provide a green concept to your company; Cut down your business costs (not trees!).