CRM for sales: make your clients faithful customers

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is an essential tool for companies who want to improve their productivity and increase the loyalty of its customers.

In particular, the sales force can use CRM software to better manage customers information, monitor them and easily find their preferences, statistics about their activities and many other useful information. All these data can provide the sales network with all that is needed in order to formulate the best proposal, being able to do it in the right way and at the right time!

Order Sender: CRM for sales

Order Sender is CRM for sales with orders module and catalog to be used on tablets. It stands out due to its reliability, robustness and simplicity. Customer data, available to sales reps, can be very detailed: so it’s not only personal details, but also history of orders, administrative situation, purchasing statistics and so on. Thanks to the immediacy and usability of this data from the tablet, the filed sales network can set an excellent personalized sales approach, truly built on the customer’s needs.

Customers information always available

You will be able to have a complete overview of each customer with just a few taps on your tablet: purchase history, suspended orders, order status, interactions and visits that already took place. Moreover, the Sales and Marketing Managers will have access to all the information, being able to offer customized services to existing and potential customers. This means having all departments working toward the same goal: to offer the best to its customers and improve relationships with them.

Immediate benefits for companies

We have already pointed out that having a CRM as Order Sender can dramatically improve customer relationships and facilitate the work of the sales force. But a strategic use of this tool can bring even more benefits:

  1. increase revenue from existing customers
  2. increase the number of closed deals
  3. improve the supply of goods/services
  4. measure and monitor performance.

Choose the solution that best suits your Business

We offer different possibilities and subscription plans depending on the needs of sales reps and companies. For an overview, visit our Prices&Packages page or contact us for more information.