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Welcome B2B Order Sender!

Order Sender B2B is the B2B E-commerce for managing your customers’ orders.

Order Sender E-commerce B2B

Are you a Commercial Agent?
From today Order Sender also becomes a B2B portal: a real professional E-commerce dedicated to sales agents. An online platform with the product catalog from which your customers can place orders in total autonomy.

B2B Order Sender: features

Your customers, with Order Sender B2B, have at their disposal from their reserved area:

  • Product catalog with 3 levels of categories, complete with photo gallery and detailed information, capable of managing over 2 million items
  • Reassortment of products, to quickly reassort and reorder products already purchased previously
  • Order history with a complete and detailed summary of all orders placed
  • Personal data sheet with all the data of your customers available
  • Variant management, additional languages, excise management, API: if you already use these functions in your Order Sender, you will also find them on OS B2B

Order Sender B2B is an online platform that is always consultable and available for any device: Smartphone, Tablet, Web.

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17 Jan 2023
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