B2B E-commerce for your professional clients

E-commerce B2B for your professional clients

B2B E-commerce for your professional clients.
Allow your customers to manage orders independently with Order Sender B2B.

Order Sender B2B for your clients

A professional E-commerce dedicated to commercial agents.
Your customers have the product catalogue at their disposal, complete with pictures and detailed information, from which they can fill and send orders independently; product reassortment, order history, the customer master file. Order Sender B2B can also be implemented with additional modules such as variant management, excise management, additional language and APIs.

E-commerce B2B Order Sender: functions

Order Sender B2B provides the following functionality:

– Product Catalogue
Digital product catalogue with 3 levels of categories. Catalogue with photo gallery and detailed information: product description, data sheets, additional information, prices, discounts, code and stock availability.

– Product Reassortment
Thanks to product re-ordering, you can quickly reorder products you have already purchased previously. A pre-filled list of products based on the latest orders is available: image, basic information, order date, quantity, price.

– Packaging
Possibility of selling the product in single pieces as well as in packages.

– Order history
The order history shows a complete and detailed summary of all orders placed to date, both overall and specific to each order line.

– Master Data Sheet
The master data sheet shows all the data of your customers.

– Additional modules
It is possible to extend the B2B offer with additional modules such as:
Variant Management: The Variant Management module allows you to manage all product variants, specifying prices and discounts for each product;
Excise Management: possibility of managing, for alcoholic beverages, tobacco and fuel, Italian taxation.
Additional language: you can set the language of the site, either Italian or English.
API: Order Sender B2B integrates with third-party management and invoicing systems via API. Integrations are already available with the Danea EasyFatt and Fatture in Cloud management systems of the TeamSystem group.

If you already use Order Sender and have these additional functions in your app, you will also find them in Order Sender B2B.

How does Order Sender B2B work? Watch the tutorial!
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