Your products on show in the digital catalog

How to create a digital catalog? The solution is Order Sender with its Catalog Form: a beyond consultation interactive digital list.

Are you still working with traditional paper catalogs?

Bulky, heavy, obsolete, hard to update, which wastes your business money, time and paper? Starting today with Order Sender and the catalogue form, the sales experience changes for the commercial agent, who can take advantage of a digital catalog browsable on iPad or Tablet, always handy.

The interactive digital catalog

– Allows you to create orders and add articles directly from the product page;
–  You can integrate the technical sheet and an extended product description;
– Always handy, without paper material encumbrance;
– Digital catalogue on tablets always updated;
– Fewer costs for the company thanks to the paper material reduction;
– Change the sales experience: emotional, interactive and involving presentations;
– Maximize the agent’s sales performances  (thus the business results of your company);
– Simple and immediate;
– It also works offline

Order Sender is a sales network management Software, highly customizable through extensions and adaptations, customized modules, developed to meet customer’s specific needs. A useful, simple and intuitive tool for Sales Force Automation.

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