Solution for Commercial Agents

Solution for Commercial Agents

Do you fill orders by hand? Do you use complex Order Picking Software?

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Discover all the advantages of the Order Collection App from Smartphone and Tablet, dedicated to Sales Networks and Commercial Agents.

Solution for Order Sender Sales Agents

Order Sender was born over 10 years ago, the App was developed precisely on the needs of commercials.

In recent years, the Order Collection Software for Agents has revolutionized the acquisition of orders and brought many advantages, simplifying and improving the work of agents.

The App is constantly evolving with updates and new features, which are always based on the requests and needs of the salespeople.

Order collection app for Order Sender Agents: advantages

The advantages of the Solution for Order Sender Agents are:

  • Collecting orders on the go
    Acquire orders from Smartphones and Tablets, wherever you are
  • Easy to use Agent App
    Order Sender is an easy sales tool to use, even if you have no technical skills
  • Sell even without the Internet
    The Agent App works offline, even without an internet connection
  • Optimize sales and your work as an agent
    Sell ​​everywhere, with just a few clicks, save time and money, increase productivity
  • Goodbye errors in orders
    Order Sender reduces the possibility of error by 98%, especially when ordering
  • You have everything under control from the App
    Orders, quotes, documents, commissions, customer visits, reports and statistics. You are always updated on the customer’s situation, products, prices, price lists, promotions
  • Data safe
    Thanks to the automatic backup in the Cloud, all information is always saved, updated and safe, even if you lose or change your device
  • Order Sender communicates with everyone
    The app for agents integrates with any company management system (ERP)
  • Additional Order Sender Modules
    In addition to the basic version, the Software offers additional modules to enhance your sales: Digital Catalogue, Visit Tours, B2B Ecommerce, Product Variant Management, Certified Master Data, Commissions.
  • On all devices
    Order Sender is available for Web, Smartphone and Tablet, iOS and Android
  • Maximum sustainability
    Work without paper! Make an eco-sustainable and green choice. Safeguard the environment and our planet.

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