Selling: how to optimize agents’ time

Selling: how to optimize agents’ time

How can you optimize your sales time to make them sell more?

Selling: how to optimize agent’s time
Very often, sales agents spend more time planning their work than they should spend on selling.

Time management (Time Management) serves to control and organize the time spent in certain activities, so as to improve the quality of one’s work, increase its effectiveness, efficiency and productivity.
And, as a result, get more free time.

Why do agents waste time?

There is a lot of time that sellers are forced to waste in multiple daily activities: researching the data they need, organizing information, collecting orders, planning appointments for visits, retrieving customer info, making phone calls, attending meetings , manage the unexpected.

To save time, thus reduce costs and improve sales, it is important that the business process is organized and optimized.

Automate order collection

About 45% of the typical day of a commercial is made up of activities not related to sales and which could be automated thanks to digital sales tools, therefore speeded up and simplified.

Order-taking app for agents

How to save time?
With an App to collect orders and manage the sales network.
An App for agents allows you to automate, digitize and simplify many activities that today take an enormous amount of time away from salespeople.
In this way, salespeople can focus on sales: this is a real growth opportunity for your company.

Order Sender does 50% of the work for you!

Thanks to Order Sender you save 50% of your time:

  • Simplify and speed up your work as an agent
  • Collect orders in a few clicks, from Smartphone and Tablet
  • Work on the go, wherever you are
  • Your tour visits is always organized and planned
  • Find the information you need right away, even without a connection
  • You don’t waste time on the phone or in river meetings
  • Show your products at their best with the digital catalog, without wasting time looking for a product
  • You have timely company-agent communication
  • You have everything you need under control (documents, customers, reports, commissions)
  • You do not risk losing your data, your info is always saved and always safe
  • You have more time to spend on selling
  • You earn free time

Order Sender does 50% of the work for you!
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