Cultivate your sales network

Sales network: two magic words for a company.

But if you still think that the purpose of your sales network is “only” to promote and sell products/services, as well as to close deals, then you’re definitely wrong.

Cultivate your sales network. Sow your success. Let it grow.

Cut the dead branches and take care of your business

Efficient sales networks are the lifeblood of an enterprise: they are like many roots that keep alive our plant, by bringing energy and nourishment to it. Needless to say that if it’s strong and taken care of, it will grow and prosper. Otherwise, sooner or later our plant will wither and die.

So, go beyond all that you already know about the sales network, namely: surrounding yourself with positive, motivated sellers, to be trained continuously. And again, chose objectives that are clear to anyone, make your agents aware of the results to be achieved, as well as of costs, revenues and any actions to be undertaken to stimulate the sales and so on.

Do you know what makes the difference today?

Knock it off with the ordinary sales network

The agent may (and should) contribute to company’s innovation: in addition to closing deals, he may conduct market analysis, keep the eye on competitors, propose new ideas and changes, thanks mainly to the practical experience acquired in the field. He can therefore monitor the market and understand what’s missing.

This way not only your company and your agents will sell more, but you’ll be able to do market analysis, improve your work, plan a project to fit your sales network and use your budget by investing in the right resources.

It’s useful concentrating your effort on sales and advertising, but don’t forget development, innovation, market and customers knowledge. Your sales network – if you will dedicate time, energy and resources to it – can make your company grow faster (and not just by making you richer).