Sales Force Management: innovation is the keyword

Nowadays, “innovation” is a word used by many: it means breaking the pattern and making a leap forward. In the business environment, innovation may lead to an actual revolution of your way of working. After an effort at the start, involving both your will and economic resources, the results will soon appear, bringing a lot of satisfaction along.

Why there is a need to innovate in the field of sales force management? Because our way of selling is changing over the years. So do our tools and our working patterns.

What can be told to people who are still suspicious towards the innovation introduced by mobile applications in the field of sales? Which are the actual advantages and benefits that could be gained?

Our customers’ experience with Order Sender

solution for sales orders collection, Order Sender. Almost ten years of experience gave us the possibility to see clear and tangible results in this field.

After replacing the old order forms on paper sheets with Order Sender, our customer has reached following results:

  • Less errors: no errors during the order creation process.
  • Swiftness: less amount of time required for order’s aprovement, that switched from one day and a half to aprox. 2 hours.
  • Less phone calls: decrease in phone calls from agents to company’s sales manager.

The tablet has become a real time marketing tool

Often, one of the main obstacles on the path of innovation are IT responsibles, who consider the data as internal elements, that can be consulted only in the office. That’s the reason why the prefer to provide agents with conventional printouts, excel sheets and printed price lists.

But the times are changing: even the most mistrustful ones are becoming aware that the revolution of Mobile, of BYOD and of work in general are forcing us to take into account applications for the sales force management, such as Order Sender, since they make the tablet a powerful marketing tool, able to verify, trace and indicate sales activities in real time.

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