Sales Force Automation: a real help

Italian companies are more and more interested in adopting solutions of Sales Force Automation and using mobile devices (such as tablets and smartphones) to boost their productivity and enhance the efficiency of their work. According to the latest data obtained by the Mobile Enterprise Observatory of Politecnico di Milano, it looks like 51% of companies have already adopted one of these solutions and 40% is willing to do so. These companies are interested mainly  in applications and software that help enhancing the sales process, in particular the so-called “field sales”.

The Mobility applied to sales

Moving to mobile has become an imperative for many companies: the adoption of mobile technologies in various sectors is really massive, with great benefits for overall productivity. Sales Force Automation has become essential for company’s activities such as sales, marketing, promotional activities and merchandising. These are the most used operating apps. We are talking about the 37% of adoption by the IOC; a 41% of marketing managers are inclined to adopt them shortly, confirming the growing trend in Mobility applied to business and sales in particular.

Sales force automation software

Companies increasingly need tools and software that could ensure the seamless information integration throughout the working process, from the back office to the sales and order taking. So it is important to choose solutions of Sales Force Automation that are able to ensure this fluidity and maximum integration with corporate data and ERP system.

What features should a Sales Force Automation solution have?

One of the most important features of sales management solutions is definitely the ability to adapt and integrate themselves with business management systems, with the possibility to add new and useful modules at any time, according to new business demands.
Thanks to new mobile technologies, we are able to offer increasingly advanced mobile applications of SFA, such as Order Sender Business with sales automation functions, such as the history of customers, tools for optimizing customer visits, management of all customer’s trade conditions, the availability of always up-to-date reports and statistics and analysis of sales and charts, necessary to formulate new marketing strategies and business proposals.