Sales force automation: a higher gear

We have already mentioned how important it is for a company to manage its sales force at its best, being it one of the main features of product sales and distribution process. Allowing your sales agents to work in best conditions possible and provide them with tools that can optimize their work is a first step to be made in order to be successful in sales.

To make your sales network work up to its full potential and effectiveness means being able to increase your company’s turnover and to trigger a “virtuous” course that will allow everyone to work with less stress and higher motivation.

Sales force automation solutions

To this end, more and more companies adopt solutions of sales force automation. These solutions make it possibile to organize and improve sales network activities, making it more efficient by providing a practical tool which optimizes company’s information and data flow, keeping its agents always updated on recent developments.

The automation of sales network doesn’t mean to “eliminate” the human resource, but to allow the person to work more quickly and to optimize their time, in order to pay more attention to their core business: the customer!

Sales force automation advantages

Thanks to the immediate and simple order filling and transmission and having at their disposal data and commercial strategies on mobile device, agents can interact with their customers in a more flexible way, facinating them with their more interactive, innovative and technological approach.

From company’s point of view, it will mean a net reduction in management costs and time, a more effective activity monitoring and a higher efficiency in customers management. Nowadays the tablet device is becoming a widespread tool, since it makes it possible to manage and to organize the entire sales network in no time, thanks to its immediacy.

Why to choose order sender?

Order Sender allows companies and enterprises to manage their own sales network in a fast and autonomous way, thanks to several features making it a unique and very effective tool. Let’s find out which are added values a sales network management software can provide your agents with.

1. Speed and accuracy, human error elimination

2. Immediate availability of data and statistical information useful for business management

3. Constant communication between the Company and the Agent

4. Efficency in customer’s order management

5. Complete integration with company ERP

In this way the business manager can constantly control and monitor in real time sales and orders’ state, while agents can provide the company with information about their work and sales process.

Moreover, Order Sender is integrable with any type of ERP, in order to make available always updated data on any device!

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