Product Variant Management App

Product Variant Management App

If you sell a product with variations, try the Order Sender Variations Management Module for free: the digital commission copy dedicated to Sales Networks and Commercial Agents.

Management of Product Variants from the App

The Variant Management Module allows you to manage multiple types of variants in your order, quickly and easily. You can enter different product attributes in the order: size, color, material, format, dimension, packaging.

Manage quantities and prices

You have the ability to manage complex products in a very simple way.
For each variant, you can enter different quantities and prices across the entire order line. Thus you get a complete view of all quantities and prices, for each product variant entered in the order.

Size and color management

The Variants Management Module is also perfect for the Fashion sector: it allows you to manage all the size and color variants of your items. Together with the Catalog Module, it enhances and best presents your products from Smartphones and Tablets.

Order Picking Software

The Variant Management Module is one of the modules offered by Order Sender, with a 50% discount if you are already our customer.

Order Sender is the order collection software for commercial networks and sales agents. It allows you to collect orders on the go: from the Web, Smartphone and Tablet, even offline. Save time and costs, eliminate the use of paper, helping the environment with a sustainable choice. Reduce typing errors, especially when ordering, and all your data is saved and safe with cloud backup. The App for Agents integrates with any company management system and you can try it for free, in its full version, for 15 days.