Prices&Packets: what to choose?

Order Sender, the complete solution for sales network management, offers you the chance to choose the most suitable solution for your needs.

Find out the best plan in according to your necessities

Order Sender proposes a different plan for all kinds of business, select between many options, the one that fits better for your company: depending on your needs, you can start up different types of subscriptions, which will optimize your sales network and will make faster your job, easy and performant. You can buy the app most used from Italian agents, starting from only 6 euro per month.

Compare the Packets

Here are the Order Sender Business Packets:

Order Sender Basic: 6 euro (+VAT) per month, per agent

Order Sender Basic + Catalog: 12 euro (+ VAT) per month, per agent

Order Sender Basic + Catalog + Visit Tours (Business Travels): 13 euro (+VAT) per month, per agent.

And the Enterprise Packet, the solution completely integrated to your business systems:

Order Sender Enterprise Custom + Erp Integration: 20 euro (+VAT) per month, per agent.


Compare Order Sender packets e choose the most appropriate solution for your business.

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