Order Sender order collection app: Webinar

Order Sender order collection app: Webinar

Optimize the order collection process with an App.

Collecting orders from the App not only simplifies order management, but offers numerous advantages for sales agents and companies.

Order Sender App for Agents

Cosmobile, over 10 years ago, developed Order Sender: the best order acquisition solution from the Web, Smartphone and Tablet, dedicated to salespeople.

Discover all the advantages of Order Sender.
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Advantages of collecting orders from the App

  • Automate order collection from Mobile
    Acquire orders in just a few clicks, from Smartphones and Tablets, iOS and Android. Improve productivity and your work.
  • Work offline
    Order Sender works even without an Internet connection.
  • Save time and costs
    No more wasted time searching for outdated information, calls or meetings. You have all the data you need under control, always updated and available, wherever you are.
  • Clear errors
    App order collection significantly reduces the risk of human error associated with manually filling orders. Greater reliability and precision in every order.
  • Easy to use
    Order Sender is an order collection tool that is very easy to use straight away, even for those without any technical skills.
  • Safe data
    Thanks to Cloud backup, your data is always saved and safe, even if you lose or change your device.
  • ERP integration
    Order Sender integrates with any ERP. It also integrates with the Danea Easyfatt® Enterprise One management software (from the TeamSystem group) for small businesses; with Invoices in Cloud and with Zucchetti ad hoc Revolution.
  • Additional modules
    In addition to order collection, the App offers a series of modules to improve your sales: digital catalogue, tours, B2B e-commerce, product variant management, certified registry management, agent commissions.
  • Free trial
    The App can be tried for free, in its complete version of modules, for 15 days.

Order collection app Order Sender Webinar

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