Order Sender feat. GesACom

If a company wants to remain competitive on the market, adopting new technology solutions, the watchword is integration.

We would like to introduce you a new partnership between Order Sender and GesACom.

 Order Sender and GesACom partnership

From today GesACom, a successful software for sales representatives, made available to its customers the Order Sender app. The sales network will thus have a more complete order-taking tool with product catalog, making available all the information about customers and products, as well as sales statistics. A true CRM in the hands of the sales force.

This software for sales reps management lacked a module for collecting orders, hence the partnership between Order Sender and GesACom, supported by a strong know-how in the mobile business.

GesACom provides valuable support in the management of the activities (customers, suppliers, products and price lists), administration (billings, payments, commissions) and in marketing strategy (statistical reports, charts, analysis tools).

A complete, powerful and reliable management software for sales representatives, sales networks, intermediaries and sellers of any field. Available in Cloud for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux.

The best solution for the sales force

Today, thanks to the integration with Order Sender, it will be able to increase the efficiency of the sales network, eliminating many unnecessary steps in the procedure of collecting orders and errors due to manual data entry into ERP and decreasing the average time of order processing.

A software designed on the specific characteristics of your company and your business: Order Sender feat. GesACom, the best solution for the sales force.

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