Order Collection Software for the Sales Network

Order Collection Software for the Sales Network

Order Collection Software for the Sales Network
OS Enterprise is a complete Sales Force Automation Software: the commission copy for orders dedicated to your company and your Sales Network.

Sales Force Automation OS Enterprise software

OS Enterprise is an Order Picking Software for Agents, a Mobile CRM for Sales Force Automation.

The solution for OS Enterprise Agents allows you to automate order collection, optimize sales, enhance the productivity of the sales network, reduce order processing times and the possibility of error.

The sales network management App can be customized according to your needs, offers over 75 dedicated modules, is able to manage over 500,000 products, integrates with the company ERP.

Available for Tablet, iOS and Android, it works offline.

OS Enterprise Order Collection Software: The Benefits

  • Automate order collection from Tablet
  • Make the leap in quality to your Commercial Network
  • Get maximum results in the sales process: eliminate order management times and typing errors
  • Save time, costs, resources
  • Customization of the Agent App according to your needs
  • Handling over 500,000 items
  • Works offline
  • It integrates with any ERP
  • Available for Tablets, iOS and Android
  • Free DEMO

Copy Commission for Agents

OS Enterprise offers your business:

  • Automated Order Collection
  • Digital Product Catalogue
  • Customer CRM and Tour Visits
  • Reports, Statistics, Business Intelligence
  • Personalization, over 75 dedicated modules
  • Management of over 500 thousand products
  • Possibility to work offline
  • Integration to any company management system
  • B2B e-commerce for managing your customers’ orders (Order Factory)
  • App-based B2B e-commerce (OS Retail)

OS Enterprise is an order collection software developed by the Cosmobile Software House 13 years ago, used by over 400 Italian companies, more than 7,000 sales agents, over 800,000 orders per year.