Order collection: find out how to simplify your work


Nowadays it is essential to work on the move, wherever you are. In fact, both our working rhythm and modalities are constantly changing. “Always and everywhere” has becoming the motto of many workers, especially those who work as sales reps, a job involving a direct contact with customers.

Order Sender Business has been developed to meet all these needs: this software for sales agents (one of the most used in Italy) allows the users to create, modify, duplicate and send orders and quotes to clients wherever they are, in extreme comfort.

Linear and horizontal-mode interface

We took care of several aspects and implemented functions that would allow reps to feel more comfortable with the tablet as their working tool, thanks to a really intuitive and simple interface, which activates, in few clicks, some of the advanced features available, in order to optimize the daily work of the sales force. We have also integrated the horizontal mode to enable to user to use all the functions in a comfortable and simple way even when rotating the tablet.

Create and send orders in a simple and quick way!

You don’t have to work hard to send an order or a quote. The linear screen enables you to transform immediately a quote in an order or, once the quote has been created, to modify it, choosing to transform it in an order later.

You can duplicate quotes

One of the most appreciated features by sales reps is the possibility to duplicate the quotes, creating a draft from where to start, optimizing your work without loosing time.

Consult the activity history, even if you loose your tablet

Another feature that is often used by sales reps is the possibility to quickly consult the activity history, always available (even if you loose your tablet) thanks to the cloud backup, allowing you to have all the data and information you need.

Order Sender Business is the most effective solution for sales reps. Find out more about its functions..

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