Order collection Agents with App

Order collection Agents with App

Collecting orders from Commercial Agents and Sales Networks is much simpler and more efficient with an App.

Order Sender order collection app

Our App for order collection and management of the Order Sender Sales Network has become, in over 10 years since its development, the No. 1 App for Commercial Agents.

A mobile sales tool that helps salespeople work easier and leaner, solve everyday problems and achieve better sales results.

Order collection software Agents

In over 10 years Order Sender has optimized, and continues to optimize, the work of thousands of Sales Agents and Sales Networks, has automated, and therefore revolutionized, the acquisition of orders, has earned thousands of free hours for sellers and companies, and supported the planet, saving over 20 tons of paper.

Copy of Order Sender Digital Commission
Order collection Agents with App

What can you do with the Order Sender commission copy?

Collect orders from your mobile device, Smartphone or Tablet, iOS and Android. Automate order collection, optimize the sales process. Work wherever you are, even offline, without an Internet connection.

The App is very easy to use, even if you don’t have any technical skills. Save time, costs and resources by avoiding hours lost on the phone, searching for information or compiling errors. No more lost or unhappy customers.

All your data is always saved and safe in the App, even if you lose or change your device, thanks to the Cloud Backup. You can integrate with any company management system (ERP).

Order Sender is available for Web, Smartphone and Tablet, iOS and Android.
You can try it free for 15 days, to experience all the benefits of the App.

Sales Force Automation Software Modules

Among its features, the Order Sender add-on modules are:

  • Digital Product Catalogue
  • B2B Ecommerce (B2B Order Sender)
  • Agent Visit Tours (Business Travels)
  • Product Variant Management
  • Certified Master Data
  • Statistics and Commissions

OS Flavor of Salt Promotion 50%

Order Sender is in Promotion at 50% until August 15 included.

  • – 50% on OS for new users
  • – 50% on a module of your choice for our customers (usable once)


Optimize your sales and your work with Order Sender! Sell ​​everywhere and in just a few clicks!