Multiple price lists and personalized discounts

Continue Order Sender’s upgrade with great news! From today you can manage separate price lists for your products, importing them from Excel with just one click. Also, you will have many new combinations of personalised discounts for your customers.

Here is the big news introduced:

– New list management: it will be possible to import and manage one or more price lists applied to one, some or all products. Each price list consisted by a price and up to three discounts;

– Default price lists: you can choose, for each customer, any default price list to be applied. When completing the order, the system will propose the priority price found and will allow you to see, and choose, all the price lists and discounts available for a specific product;

– New possible combinations of personalised discounts for customers: from now on you can directly specify a net price for the product and apply the discount to an entire product category of a supplier’s products;

– Price lists and discounts consultation: while you are ordering and in the product card you can see, for each item, all the price lists and customer discounts available for a given product;

– Possibility to insert HTML text in the catalogue: you can add the HTML text in the extended description and the technical report of the product card’s directory;

– Customers search by VAT number: it will be possible to search for customers, both in the order and in the customer list, specifying only the VAT number;

– Direct printing of PDF preview: you can directly print the PDF preview of the order via AirPrint.

Thanks for your precious feedback and suggestions, Order Sender is even more efficient, fast and straightforward. Continue to write us!

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