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Automate the layout of catalogs and price lists. Generate, customize and print catalogs and price lists in PDF format, automatically and in just a few clicks.
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Automatic pagination of catalogs and price lists

The OS Enterprise Catalog is a catalog layout that works on the product information already present in the OS Enterprise Software.

It takes advantage of all the product data already available, and gives you the possibility to generate, customize and print catalogs and price lists in PDF format, automatically, with just a few clicks.

The catalog can be generated as many times as you want, modified and customized according to your needs.

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How to create a catalog

Creating a catalog is very simple!

Choose the template, create and name your catalogue.
You can select a customer, so as to apply the conditions of that specific customer. Choose what you want to layout, i.e. the macro category, for example “Clothing”. Select the macro category with related image and click insert. This generates your catalog in PDF format and downloads it. Your catalog is ready!

The PDF is composed of the macro category with image, subcategories and the possibility of viewing the price list. The Product Listing includes the customer’s logo, images, code, product name and price. The product listing can be displayed as a list or a grid.

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Creation of Catalogs and Price Lists

The system works on the database of the Sales Force Automation OS Enterprise software.
With this tool you therefore have the possibility to quickly generate and customize catalogs and price lists. You can, for example, create a catalog for your distributor, one for your retailer, up to a personalized catalog for your customers.

The catalog can be generated as many times as you want, and modified each time according to your needs.