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Additional Modules

Customize the Sales Network Management Software, according to your needs, with over 100 add-on modules.
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Get the most out of your Enterprise OS

The Sales Force Automation OS Enterprise Software offers over 100 additional modules to customize the Order Picking App according to your business and your needs.

Integrations and custom solutions suitable for your product and your company.

Additional modules to maximize the Sales Force

Product variant management

The Variants Module allows you to manage complex codes related to size, color, fabric, material, size. It offers the possibility of making multiple choices on the same code with different characteristics.

Products Configurators

The Product Configurator allows you to manage complex products and optimize costs and times related to the commercial activity. It helps agents building a personalized commercial offer and propose articulated products.

Product Kit or Exhibitor Management

A Module capable of managing pre-compiled product kits by selecting a proposal linked to an exhibitor, counter management or sales spaces.

Push Notifications

Thanks to push notifications, your sales network is always up to date. Ability to send push notifications to devices or agents: news, reminders, appointments.

Document management

You can implement the documentation section: insert and send the documentation to be shown to sales agents, product sheets, promotional flyers, manuals, presentation films.

Management of agent commissions

The Agent Commissions Management Module allows sales agents to know at any time what the logo earns on sales.

Price lists and discounts management

Extend the basic functionality of the discount section. In a specific customer list it is possible to define customized prices and discounts for each customer and for each product.

Canvass Management

Canvass management is a strategic business tool that allows for a specific and modifiable offer with respect to your commercial proposal.

Order Status Management

Once the order has been sent, it is possible to monitor its progress and fulfillment, the actual quantities and the prices for the individual products.

Administrative Card Management

For each customer it is possible to manage an administrative file with data relating to the status of payments and outstanding payments, together with a list of paid, overdue or due invoices.

Collection Management

The commercial agent can register a sale (a collection), using a special entry mask.

Additional Languages

The OS Enterprise Agent Software, in addition to the primary language chosen, can support additional languages.

Promotinal banner

Ability to add advertising banners to highlight offers, discounts, promotions and news within the App for agents.

News management

It is possible to send news, updates, revisions to salespeople, so that they are always prepared and informed about the latest company news.

Competitor Management

Possibility to monitor the activity of the competition thanks to photos and questionnaires.

E-commerce Magento Connector

The Order Picking Software for OS Enterprise Agents can be connected to your Magento E-commerce.

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Integrations Order Picking Software for Agents

OS Enterprise integrates with any ERP.

We have already integrated with:

  • SAP BusinessOne
  • SAP R3
  • IBM AS400
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft Dynamics Navision
  • Salesforce
  • Zucchetti
  • TeamSystem
  • Systems
  • easy data
  • Galileo
  • Passepartout
  • Arca Evolution
  • Fatture in Cloud
  • Magento
  • Pipedrive