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Business Intelligence

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Digital Product Catalogue

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CRM and Business Travels

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Collecting Orders from Tablet

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Canvass Configurator

Collecting Orders from Tablet

Custom commission copy.
Order management software: automate the acquisition of orders from Tablet.
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order sender enterprise
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Automate order collection from Tablet

Copy commission for orders.

Order collection app for Sales Agents: automates the order acquisition process from Tablet. Create your orders in a few clicks.
Fill out the order form directly from the Tablet, add products from the digital catalog and manage every aspect, from price lists to personalized discounts.

The OS Enterprise Order Management Software has an optimized interface, easy to use but powerful, capable of managing very large databases (over 500,000 items).

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Management of Agent Orders

Mobile agent and customer order management: select the customer assigned to you, his company name and payment method.
All in a few clicks.

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Order Management App

Order management app: add items directly from the order.

Access the catalog directly, restock, recall products with their code or by scanning the barcode with the camera of your mobile device.

Commercial agents also have the possibility to select products from the digital catalog or from the Digital Publishing Paginae App.

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Custom commission copy

Sign and send! The digital signature allows you to immediately sign the document presented to the customer.

It is an electronic signature solution that is created with a gesture that is completely analogous to a handwritten signature on paper.

…order sent!

order sender enterprise
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Certified personal data

Get all the data relating to a new company by entering only the VAT number.
Receive certified data immediately by integrating with Credit Safe, limiting errors as much as possible.

You no longer need to ask the customer for all of their data, it is enough to have their VAT number to obtain the entire registry completed and certified.
Speed up orders, avoid mistakes.