B2B E-commerce
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Professional E-commerce always in your customers’ pocket, available on Smartphones, even offline.

order sender enterprise app retail
order sender enterprise app retail
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B2B E-commerce in your Customers’ pocket

All our experience gathered in 6 inches: B2B E-commerce in your customers’ pocket. OS Retail is a real B2B E-commerce on Smartphone: the Order Sender offer expands with a system dedicated to the customer, usable from Mobile.

OS Retail is an evolution of our OS Enterprise Sales Force Automation platform and of our OS Mobile Suite, for meeting professional customers and interacting with suppliers, directly from your Smartphone.

order sender enterprise app retail
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B2B e-commerce on Smartphone, even offline

With OS Retail, B2B E-commerce on the App, your customers can send orders, replenish products, consult the catalogue, reorder items. In total autonomy, from Smartphones (and Tablets), iOS and Android, even offline.
Are you in an environment without connectivity? OS Retail works offline, even without an Internet connection.

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Beyond B2B E-commerce

The B2B E-commerce on the App, OS Retail, requires credentials from your customer only the first time, after which they are saved within the system, without having to enter them each time in the App. E-commerce is already in your customer’s pocket, always available and always available for consultation.

Compared to all other B2B e-commerce, such as Order Factory, or online e-commerce, where precise references, url and credentials are needed to access each time, OS Retail offers unique usability: it allows your customers to register a ‘one time, to then have your own B2B E-commerce always at hand. A B2B App designed specifically for your professional customers.

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B2B App branded

The B2B App for your E-commerce perfectly reflects your brand and best manages all the contents that talk about your company.

In addition to the Catalogue with 2 category levels and the possibility of placing orders, the B2B E-commerce on App OS Retail provides your customers with added value services.  Complete and detailed product sheets (images, product availability status, personalized prices and price lists, technical data sheets, product presentation videos), instructions for use, video tutorials, news, dedicated offers.

order sender enterprise app retail
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B2B E-commerce customized

OS Retail contains and offers our ten-year experience of collaboration with countless companies and sales networks in multiple sectors.

We can therefore count on over 40 customized modules dedicated to the needs of each company.
Among these: Management of Product Variants, Product Configurators, Related Products, Suggested or Substitute Products, Reassortment Management, Exhibitor Management and many other vertical modules related to the product/customer.

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B2B App integrated with your ERP

Each of our solutions integrates with any company management system.

We are already integrated with SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle JD Edwards, Zucchetti, TeamSystem, Passepartout, Sistemi, Salesforce, Danea and many others.
We can also provide integration management APIs, or custom integration files and methods with respect to our technical interlocutor.